An overview of my research projects



I am currently holding adjunct positions at Florida International University and University of Syracuse. In one I will be teaching a course on Distributed Computing Systems and in the other telecom policy.

My projects are divided in three areas:

Private or partially industry funded with academia, academia only (PhD) and self-funded. I additionally do many academic collaborations for papers aimed to conferences or journals with many colleagues from diverse institutions.

As a researcher I have worked with UK, European, USA, Asian, Latin American, Australian academics and industry people.

Below is a list that is not fully inclusive. Related publications are linked in my publications page.

2016 Google-LSE Research Office : Economics of Operative Systems  This project is under non-disclosure agreements

2015 Zero-Rating studies. This is an ongoing project partially sponsored by the Danish Research Council and Strand Consultancy. I have been working on doing financial and telecoms analysis on the effective viability of zero-rating contracts in selected countries : Chile, Slovenia, India and The Netherlands.

2015 Mobile payments studies. Sponsored by the Turkish minister of Economy and Ideas&Ideas: analysis and assessment of the status of mobile payments in OIC countries

2014 LSE Behavioural Lab. I worked on a six month project to reorganise the LSE behavioural Lab and provide support to two major EU funded studies on behaviour run by the LSE Department of Social Policy and Psychology

2013-2014 Digital Economy. I worked in three projects sponsored by the EPSRC (UK engineering council), these were:

Big Data for financial services – based on Fintech companies analysis

Assessing the long term sustainability of the mobile internet, with input from MIT, CAIDA (university of San Diego).

  1.         NFC evaluation for multiple retail sectors in the UK.

2013-2014 Sustainability in 4G networks. Project commissioned by Telefonica-02, this was a report on potential uses of big data collected from 4G mobile users

2012-2013 Network Economy Forum. Project sponsored by the LSE research fund and the telecom industry.

2011-2013 Internet Innovation and Value Network Analysis. Project sponsored by Telenor Norway  in collaboration with the University of Oslo and LSE.

2011-2013 ETNO and LSE Research partnerships. This research project, run in partnership with the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association (ETNO), focused on telecoms and IT-related business strategy and policy development.

2010-2011 Near Field communications and privacy study. Sponsored by Nokia. It was a comparison study of six cities and the use of NFC mobile payments.

2009-2010 Flexible Networks. Sponsored by the UK EPSRC and MVCE (an industry conglomerate) . My work was focused on understanding where the next sources of revenue for telecom operators will be emerging.  Flexible networks was a very ambitious programme that unfortunately did not get a very long sponsorship (1 year) but it is a theme that continuous to be relevant.

2008-2012 User Interactions for Breakthrough Mobile services. Sponsored by the UK EPSRC and MVCE (an industry conglomerate) . User interactions for Mobile services (Breakthrough services) was more successful and had a 3 year run and a lot of interesting work was made on that period).

I was working on research on the area of mobility through this project exploring the many aspects of design that is contextual and situated. I had two PhD students working in my team one focused on user interfaces and the other on network convergence.

2007-2009 BIONETS. Consortium of industry (Techideas, Nokia, Sun Microsystems) and European Universities within the EU FP6 Research Framework. My work at BIONETS ( was on extending Business and Economic Simulation (BEBS) using data provided by the Budapest University of Economics and Technology. The program was  developed in JAVA and Eclipse. It has been released in Source Forge as Open Source Software . For this project I have worked closely with Telecom Italy and Nokia. A significant amount of travel within Europe was required: Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain and the UK.

Examples on the types of software applications developed in the project can be found in my blog.

The final output of my work in this project was praised by the reviewers as of a very good standard.

2004-2007 Digital Business Ecosystems. Consortium of industry (IBM, Sun Microsystems) and European within the EU FP6 Research Framework. I worked on analysis of the reason why SMEs were inhibited to participate in the digital economy. I was able to publish with my fellow researchers a number of papers (2) and book chapters (1). I travelled with this project within the UK, Spain, Finland, Italy, Belgium. In the final DBE review the EU representatives highly praised the role of the social sciences in the project and the massive collaborative effort and quality of the deliverables presented by my university. The final words were that although the EU is not used to spend money in social science this money was well spent!.

2006-2009 Virtual Worlds. I worked in Second Life as content developer. For 15 months I managed a set of 3 sims (Zurich City, Zurich Hillside, and Lemuria) and now I run the Zurich Opera House at Swiss City (Founded in November 2007). This virtual venue provided live music on Saturday and Sundays covering an eclectic mix of styles (from electronic music, bossa nova, rock, to classical) from all over the world. The venue I manage has been elected a prime venue by Linden Labs and has a community of fans (around 650 members). This venue is also available for hire and has been used for a diverse number of events such as fashion shows in world, SL events synchronised with RL events such as radio broadcasts, Oracle Award Ceremony 2008, E-learning experiences, Machinima recording, etc.

My avatar name was Silelf Fisseux. In-world (inside Second Life) I have designed communities and have a very good understanding of the social interaction and educational programmes run in SL. I am member of many social research communities within SL.

Zurich City can be seen in video in here

2005 Mobile networks for building digital citizenships – France Telecom

During my 10 years in the telecoms and internet industry and worked in many design, capacity and implementation of networks and services in the UK, The Netherlands and other countries in Europe.